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I need help. I need stories. I need hope.

Hello! Sorry if this is not allowed, but I need help.

(Sorry for this been x-posted, but I need as much help as I can get.)

My name, if you shall know, is Jude. I'm 18 years old and I've been in violin for about three years. The problem? I haven't been in an "official" school. But I love music, I love my instrument and I'm gonna be professional one day. That I know.


But I also know I don't want to be alone. For the past seven years, I've been with a marvelous person: he's funny, he's sarcastic, he's smart, and he’s lovely.


He's my best friend, my personal Simon Amstell and my best "violin-buddy": we started the same day, we practice together and we have been deciding who plays violin one and two with rock, scissor and paper.


The problem is he doesn’t want to try. He's tired and he's lost hope.


We’ve had the same fight over the last year: He said we’re too old to become pros one day. I said fuck it. Last night he said he’s taking some sort of accountant’s job.


I know he’s gonna be a lousy accountant. I helped him cheat in some many math exams I can’t even remember every one. He’s going to be miserable. I don’t want that.


I need to know it can be done. I need people, or age (18) or older, telling me is possible. Telling me they could do it. Telling him it’s not too late if that’s really what you want and you’re ready to give it all and get it.



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