sara (mapleleaf_gal) wrote in violinplayers,

for those of you who like nadja salerno-sonnenberg:

 i got to see her play the bruch violin concerto today with the seattle symphony. one of the best performances i have ever seen! i have seen the seattle symphony many times before. they have always just been ok. but this performance was exceptionally good! i have also seen her perform two other times. again, this was the best performace so far.  here are a few pics of the signing during the intermission (sorry for the links, too lazy to upload the actual pictures)

i should add that i am a violin maker. i decided that i'd have her sign the inside of the current violin i am making. i have not decided if i am going to keep it for myself or sell it. but it was so worth the look on her face when i handed her a half of a violin and a sharpie! priceless. 
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Awesome! That has to be such a compliment, to be handed an instrument to sign! Especially the INSIDE!